Next H du 16 Nov 2014

HHHi Folks,
Ready for the next Hash? It will take place on Sunday, the 16th of November. See the direction below and please be on site at 2:15 to start at 2:30 sharp.

Roundabout High School French Ambatobe
Management market / Belle View / Terminus 183
Continue to Madimmo (3 paths Between Heaven & Earth)
Take the right 2 times
Ride to the bridge (second entrance on the left)
Turn left
Ride through the forest (red earth road)
Always take the right
Parking at the Cemetery

Trajet :
Rond-point Lycée français Ambatobe
Direction marché/ Belle vue/ Terminus 183
Continuer jusqu’au Madimmo (3 chemins Entre Ciel & Terre)
Prendre la droite 2 fois
Rouler jusqu’au petit pont (seconde entrée à gauche)
Tourner à gauche
Monter à travers la forêt (route en terre rouge)
Prendre toujours la droite
Parking à la Cimetière

Hares : BOB-Formula 404-…

On On

Guests & Newcomers Welcome

Open to women, men, and children
There is a runners’ and walkers’ trail
Participation fee – Ar. 10.000 (VA) and Ar 3000 (MA) including whatever you can drink. (Teen – Ar. 1000 & Kids (<12)-Free)
Need a ride to reach the Hash site? Contact us.
Run/Walk will start at 2:30 sharp!! If you are late and do not see the pack, stay at the site and have a drink. Do not try to catch up unless you know the area.
Attire running/walking gear

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