Dec 21 – Christmas-Hashing @ Anjanamasina

December 21 – Hash Run #(we need to figure that out 😉

Christmas-Hashing @ Anjanamasina, RN4

Le  “Christmas Hash” … ça sera ce dimanche!
Pour le HHH de Noel, nous demandons a tous les Hasheurs d’emmener les jouets que les enfants n’utilisent plus a la maison, sinon un petit paquet de bonbons que nous allons distribuer aux enfants a la campagne. Aussi si possible, mettre un petit bonnet rouge de père noel pour le fun.
Comme à l’habitude, le HHH commencera à 14h30 pile. Essayez d’être sur site à 14h15 pour pas rater le grand blabla du GM et des Hares.

It’s the Christmas-Hashing is this Sunday!
What is special with the Christmas Hash? Well, every hasher will bring toys or candies and distribute them to the kids in the villages – toys that your kids no longer play with and that you would like to get rid of and that still may make the joy of the kids in the remote villages.  Also, if possible, wear a santa Red bonnet for the fun and be on time so we can start earlier to avoid the rain.
As usual, we will start at 2:30pm sharp. Be there at 2:15pm to make sure you don’t miss the awesome presentation by the GM and the Hares.


Voici les indications pour notre prochain Hash :

  • Le HHH de Noel se tiendra a Anjanamasina sur la RN4 (route de Mahajanga), PK 18,980, cad., a 20m du PK19 (Hotel Reglan)
  • Prenez le tournant a droite et roulez sur la petite route goudronnee en suivant les marquages jusqu’au parking du HHH se trouvant a droite sur une petite clairière.
Here are the directions for our next Hash. Good luck with finding it..
  • We’re going to hasn in Anjanamasina, RN4 (route de Mahajanga), PK 18.980, (20m before PK19)
  • So 20m before PK 19 (Hotel Reglan), take the right turn and go on a tarred road following the H-marks on the ground until you get to the HHH-parking on an empty lot on the right side.


Beam-Me-Down-Down, Paddy-Diver, Kinky-Reggae, Yoyo-Grandma

Guests & Newcomers Welcome

  • Open to women, men, and children
  • There is a runners’ and walkers’ trail
  • Participation fee – Ar. 10.000 (VA) and Ar 3000 (MA) including whatever you can drink. (Teen – Ar. 1000 & Kids (<12)-Free)
  • Need a ride to reach the Hash site? Contact us.
  • Run/Walk will start at 2:30 sharp!! If you are late and do not see the pack, stay at the site and have a drink. Do not try to catch up unless you know the area.
  • Attire running/walking gear


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