May 31 – Panoramique

31 May 2015


Mes chers amis du Hash. Un autre Hash supberbe va se produire ce dimanche! Permettez-moi de citer Hard On-On pour vous donnez un aperçu de ce Hash: Petites collines chouette couvertes des buissons fleuris rouges derrière le Panoramique …” qui savent ce que cela signifie 🙂

Friends of the Hash. Another Hash is yet to happen this Sunday! Let me put it in the words of Hard On-On “So cute little hills covered of red flowered bushes behind the Panoramique…” Who know’s what that means 🙂

Directions to the Hash

Voici les indications pour notre prochain Hash :

  • Rond-point du Lycée Français
  • monter vers le Panoramique
  • face au panoramique prendre la route pavée qui descend en passant devant un bar qui s’appelle “Le Tequila”
  • continuer deux kilomètres
  • prendre à droite avant le petit panneau “Domaine du Pré Vert”
  • suivre le chemin de terre sur deux kilomètres (il y aura des marquages au sol)


Here are the directions for our next Hash. Good luck with finding it..

  • At the roundabout of the lycée français
  • go up in direction of the Panoramique
  • In front of the Panoramique take the paved road going in front of the pub “La tequilla”
  • go on for 2Km
  • turn right at the sign “Domaine du Pré vert”
  • go on the track for 2km (there will be marking on the ground)


Noémie, Rachel, Signe, Uniball, Scratch & Sniff and Phoque Laugh

Guests & Newcomers Welcome

  • Open to women, men, and children
  • There is a runners’ and walkers’ trail
  • Participation fee – Ar. 10.000 (VA) and Ar 3000 (MA) including whatever you can drink. (Teen – Ar. 1000 & Kids (<12)-Free)
  • Need a ride to reach the Hash site? Contact us.
  • Run/Walk will start at 2:30 sharp!! If you are late and do not see the pack, stay at the site and have a drink. Do not try to catch up unless you know the area.
  • Attire running/walking gear


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