November 6th – Somewhere on the road of Tamatave

Sunday November 6th

Imerikasinana – RN2


Un an plus tard, les hashers retournent à Imerikasinana ! Encore un HHH génial en prévision ! Rendez-vous à 13h30 au café de la gare pour le départ !

On year later, Hashers are back in Imerikasinana ! Another awesome HHH in coming !  Meeting at 1.30 P.M. at Café de la Gare for departure !




Voici les indications pour notre prochain Hash :

  • Prenez la RN2 
  • Allez jusqu’à la station Jovenna Ambohimangakely
  • Puis de là continuez jusqu’à la plaque UBP après le ponton (voir les photos ci-dessous)
  • Prenez à droite. (il y aura des marquages)
  • Suivez la route goudronnée jusqu’au parking du FJKM Imerikasinina (8km environs après l’intersection)


Here are the directions for our next Hash :

  • Take the RN2
  • Go to the Jovenna station at  Ambohimangakely
  • From there continue until you see the UBP sign after the “boat bridge thingy” (check the pictures)
  • Turn right. (there should be markings on the ground)
  • Follow the paved road to the parking lot of FJKM Imerikasinina (8km around after the intersection)
Arrivé à ces pancartes, il faut tourner pour atteindre le point de départ, il y aura des marquages pour vous aider ! 
When you’ll arrived at this point, you’ll have to follow it to get to the starting point, there will be marks on the ground to help you anyway.



Wrong Place Intruder, Wrong Time Comer & Sailor Moon

Guests & Newcomers Welcome

  • Open to women, men, and children
  • There is a runners’ and walkers’ trail
  • Participation fee – Ar. 10.000 (VA) and Ar 3000 (MA) including whatever you can drink. (Teen – Ar. 1000 & Kids (<12)-Free)
  • Need a ride to reach the Hash site? Contact us.
  • Run/Walk will start at 2:30 sharp!! If you are late and do not see the pack, stay at the site and have a drink. Do not try to catch up unless you know the area.
  • Attire running/walking gear


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