March 3rd 2019- 5th HASH of the year!

Ambohimanga, on arrive ! RDV au parking TWF devant Presto Pizza à 13h pour le covoiturage! Merci de noter que si vous venez en 2 roues, ça ne sera pas possible de les laisser au parking du centre commercial.

Ambohimanga, here we come ! Meeting at Tana Water Front in front of Presto Pizza at 1pm for carsharing! Please note that if you come on two heels, it will not be possible to leave it at the mall’s parking.

 Voici les indications pour le prochain HASH :

  • Prendre la RN3 ( route d’Ambohimanga)
  • Quand vous arrivez au village d’Ambohimanga, prendre la petite route qui descende à droite et NE PAS PRENDRE la route qui monte à gauche vers le portail en pierre du Rova
  • Continuer 300m en suivant les marquages pour arriver au parking


Here are the directions for our next Hash :

  • Take the RN3 (Road to Ambohimanga)
  • When u reach the village of Ambohimanga, take the dirt road going down on the right side INSTEAD OF the left way up to the Stone gate leading to the Rova.
  • Run about 300m to get to the H-parking lot following the white chalk marks on the ground.


Italian CanCan, Star Trek, Real Slim Shitty & Cross Tits

Guests & Newcomers Welcome

  • Open to women, men, and children
  • There is a runners’ and walkers’ trail
  • Participation fee: because of cash flow, we had to go back to the old system, thank you for your understanding– MGA 5000 for locals, MGA 10 000 for foreigners including whatever you can drink. Teen & Kids (<18) – Free .
  • Run/Walk will start at 2:30 sharp!! If you are late and do not see the pack, stay at the site and have a drink. Do not try to catch up unless you know the area.
  • Attire running/walking gear


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