SEPTEMBER 18th ,2022:Somewhere along the RN3…(PK17)

Le HHH reprend son rythme régulier !! RDV au parking TWF devant Presto Pizza à 9h00 pour le covoiturage!!

The HHH regains its regular cadency !! Meeting at Tana Water Front in front of Presto Pizza at 9.00am for carpooling!!

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Voici les indications pour notre prochain Hash :

  • Prenez le RN3 sortie Tana vers Ambohimanga
  • Approximativement au PK17 , il y a une petite clairière juste en face d’une pépinière sur le côté droit peu après le poste de travail de la Gendarmerie.
  • HHH sera marqué sur la route comme d’habitude.
  • La course/marche commencera à 10h30!


Here are the directions for our next Hash :

  • Take the RN3 out of Tana towards Ambohimanga
  • Approximately at PK17, there is a little clearing right across a plant nursery  on the right side shortly after the Gendarmery work station.
  • HHH will be marked on the road as per usual
  • The run/walk will start at 10:30am!


Very Vary Spicy, Isidore

Guests & Newcomers Welcome

  • Open to women, men, and children
  • There is a runners’ and walkers’ trail
  • Participation fee:  MGA 15 000 per person, including whatever you can drink. Teen & Kids (<18) comes for Free.
  • Run/Walk will start at 10:30a.m sharp!! If you are late and do not see the pack, stay at the site and have a drink. Do not try to catch up unless you know the area.
  • Attire running/walking gear



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