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  1. Congratulations on the inaugural Madagascar Hash House Harriers Red Dress Run!
    If you should host another Red Dress Run in future, we hope you will give advance notice to the hash-run website, The history of the Red Dress Run may be found there in addition to a schedule of future Red Dress Run events around the world. Hopefully, your event was fun, successful and raised lots of funds for your charity.

  2. Hey guys, if ever you decide to have some Mada HHH program in my town in Mahajanga then it would be great to realise that.
    I miss the Mada HHH, it’s been for years now that i didn’t join the band but I’ll be back soon

    See you guys!!

  3. This was my first HHH experience and by far the most fun. I would take my 5 year old son with me and we had many good times and some a little more challenging. We were there from 1994-96 and I never did get my 100 HHH Tshirt. ON! ON!

  4. HHHi
    A hasher in UK, and KL, do you have many coming to your event.
    i am tempted..for mid-jyne.
    who wonders how many are going from mada to AfricaHash 2012 in Mombasa in May? or evn interhash 2012? See you there?

  5. Missing the Run!

    My husband and I met in 1992- while both stationed in Antan for various government agencies. I was just thinking the other day of our adventures there and the hashes we used to run (mostly UP HILL) with good friends. Wondering if your group ever got around to adopting a t-shirt concept? We would love it for our collection.

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