Red Dress Run 2012

See how your Red Dress Run sponsoring has helped others to have exercise, sports, and fun!

Charity # 1. Orphelinat Felana Maitso

Orphenage in Antananarivo where 70 children are hosted from all ages. The Red Dress Run proceeds have bought them playground equipment:

  • two swings
  • one climbing tool
  • one multiplay with net and slide
  • one basket ball court, ball and pump.

Total amount 1 510 000 Ariary (about 680 USD)

Charity # 2. Centre d’acceuil Ambalamanga

Centre for orphans, ex-prisoners and homeless people, run by a retired nurse who works tirelessly to help these marginalized people.

The center has received:

  • football and volleyball field equipment (goals and nets)
  • 4 wheelbarrows, 4 watering cans and 4 x gardening tools
  • a generator
  • two sets of jeux de boules
  • 2 footballs, 2 volleyballs and 2 handballs
  • sports jerseys and football shoes

Total amount 1 490 800 Ariary (About 670 USD)

Charity # 3. Youth and Environment

This NGO works with young people by promoting and organizing sports events (basket ball, football). In exchange the youth will help with tree planting in their community.

For the final match of the two tournaments, the NGO received prizes:

  • 2 x complete sets of football jerseys for two teams
  • 2 footballs with pump, 2 basket balls
  • 1 set of basket ball jersey and shorts for one team
  • 2 sheep (for winning teams)
  • 4 trophees + upgrading of the football pitch

Total amount 1 000 000 Ariary (450 USD)  



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